ULTRAWAVES – Wasser- und Umwelttechnologien GmbH
Becker-Goering-Strasse 17-25
76307 Karlsbad, Germany
Phone: +49 7248 9166-171

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Our Partners

The interest and markets for innovative environmental technologies are not only extensive in Germany. Since 2002, our ultrasonic systems have also been successfully marketed via international sales partners. Today, we are represented in over 20 countries – and are continuing to grow.

Our partners in Germany

Your contact for Germany:
Gunnar Gaag
Flagge Deutschland
Poll Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH
Your contact for Germany:
Bernd Simbach
Flagge Deutschland
Your contact for Germany:
Tobias Heitmann
Flagge Deutschland
Your contact for Germany:
Günter Lemmer
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Our partners in Europe

Nijhuis Saur Industries 
Your contact for France:
François Baron
Flagge Frankreich
Your contact for Greece:
Christos Lioumis
Flagge Griechenland
S. C. Kematronic SRL
Your contact for Romania:
Constantin Damian
Flagge Rumänien
Toscano LineaElectronica S.L.
Your contact for Spain and Portugal:
Carlos Toscano
Flagge Spanien Flagge Portugal
Your contact for Hungary:
Dr. Zsolt Nemeth
Flagge Ungarn
Your contact for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia:
Darius Krasauskas
Flagge Lettland Flagge Litauen Flagge Estland
Your contact for Poland:
Oliver Frerichs
Flagge Polen
Your contact for Slovenia:
Marko Šetinc
Flagge Slowenien
Your contact for Great Britain and Ireland:
Dave Swain
Flagge Großbritannien Flagge Irland

Our partners worldwide

Royce Water Technologies Pty Ltd
Your contact for Australia & New Zealand:
Rodney Wellings
Flagge Australien Flagge Neuseeland
Sunil Environment Energy Corporation
Your contact for South Korea:
Kyung Mi Cho
Flagge Südkorea
High View Innovation Co. Ltd
Your contact for Taiwan:
Wisdom Fang
Flagge Taiwan
Your contact for USA:
Larry Henderson
Flagge USA
ATAL Engineering Ltd.
Your contact for China and Hong Kong:
Raymond Chan Hoi Ming
Flagge China
Your contact for Pakistan:
Kamal Jaffrey
Flagge Pakistan
Yoav Yinon Management Engineering Ltd
Your contact for Israel:
Yoav Yinon
Flagge Israel
Your contact for India:
Gregory Krupnikovs
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