Wastewater Treatment Plants

ULTRAWAVES‘ high-power ultrasound systems can be used for a large number of applications in both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. These primarily include sludge treatment, but also wastewater treatment in the form of controlling bulking sludge and foaming and improved nitrogen elimination by providing internal carbon carriers.

Integration of the ultrasound technology in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants

Applications Sludge Treatment

Conventional anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge is limited by the hydrolysis step (technical digestion limit). Treating (waste activated) sludge with ultrasound overcomes this limit. The anaerobic digestion process is intensified and further degradation is achieved. This reduces the quantity of digested residual sludge, while biogas production increases.

Applications Wastewater Treatment

In biological nitrogen elimination, carbon must be provided for the denitrification stage. Normally, methanol or other chemicals have to be bought in for this purpose. Ultrasound breaks down bacterial biomass from the excess sludge. This makes the cell contents available as carbon carriers, which can be added to the denitrification process. At the same time, nitrogen degradation increases.

Applications Bulking Sludge & Foam

The creation of bulking sludge and foams due to mass development of filamentous microorganisms is a widespread problem in wastewater treatment plants. Foaming frequently also occurs in the digester as an independent phenomenon. Continuous sonication of a rather small partial flow of the return sludge by means of ultrasound causes permanent stress on the active biomass in the activated sludge tank. We have demonstrated that predominantly filamentous bacteria are damaged by this permanent “ultrasound” stress. As a consequence, the filamentous microorganisms are eliminated easily and reliably.


The BIOSONATOR compact is a high-power ultrasound system for the treatment of sewage sludge. It has been developed as a plug&play system in order to test initial trial runs in wastewater treatment plants prior to purchase.

Mobile Container Plant

With the help of our mobile container plants, the ultrasound treatment and digestion of sludges and biomasses can be observed and the effect of the ultrasound verified by means of firm results.


For years, our high- performance ultrasound systems have been employed or tested in wastewater treatment plants worldwide in order to pursue the different objectives demanded by the respective plants.