An overview of the latest news and successes of, and relating to, ULTRAWAVES is provided in the News category.

Innovation Prize 2007 for the environmental technology from Ultrawaves

Effective: Nov 27, 2007
Innovationspreis 2007 für die Umwelttechnik von Ultrawaves

The Ultrasound reactor developed by Ultrawaves and the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg was awarded the Baden-Württemberg Innovation Prize.

Report on German Television ARD and NDR

Effective: May 30, 2008

With regard to the innovation of the ultrasonic technology of Ultrawaves for biomass treatment (meanwhile with more than 40 references worldwide) the “Bäderland Hamburg GmbH” installed the first ultrasonic system for water treatment of swimming pool water in the Holthusen swimming pool.

First Ultrawaves worldwide partner meeting

Effective: Nov 28, 2008

The meeting will be held in Germany from November 28th, 2008 until December 1st, 2008. Spirit and purpose of this meeting is the interexchange of experience with the implementation of the Ultrawaves Ultrasound technology on biomass treatment in diverse markets.

New partner for Australia and New Zealand

Effective: Jan 01, 2009
Neuer Partner für Australien und Neuseeland

In 2009 the Australian company “Royce Water Technologies Pty Ltd” became a new partner for Australia and New Zealand.

Award for ultrasonic reactor

Effective: Dec 07, 2009

The Ultrawaves ultrasonic reactor convinced at the major fair for environmental techniques “Poleko” in Poland and was awarded as the best product

Ultrawaves worldwide partner meeting 2010

Effective: Nov 26, 2010

The meeting will be held in Travemünde/Germany from November 26th until November 29th, 2010. Spirit and purpose of this meeting is the interexchange of experience with the implementation of the Ultrawaves Ultrasound technology on biomass treatment in diverse markets.

Ultrawaves expands its services: AMPTS

Effective: Mar 01, 2011

Since the beginning of 2011 Ultrawaves offers in its own laboratory the possibility to determine the methane potential of biomass substrates for biogas plants and sludge from WWTPs. By use of automatic methane potential test system (AMPTS), high-resolution kinetic data are available and the impact of Ultrawaves' innovative ultrasound technology on the fermentation process is demonstrated in detail.

Ultrawaves involved in ZIM-Project

Effective: Apr 01, 2011
Ultrawaves wurde für ZIM-Projekt ausgewählt

The German Ministry of Economy and Technology is convinced of Ultrawaves’ innovative ultrasonic technology.

Review BioGasWorld 2012

Effective: Feb 29, 2012

Great interest in our world’s first – the BIOSONATOR

Trade Fair Review IFAT Entsorga 2012

Effective: May 14, 2012
Messerückblick IFAT Entsorga 2012

This year ULTRAWAVES also exhibited in cooperation with its partner SONOTRONIC at IFAT Entsorga from May 7th to 11th. The world’s leading trade fair for water, waste water, waste and resource management takes place in Munich for nearly half a century. With 125,000 visitors from 180 nations and 2,939 exhibitors from 54 countries records were established this year. Also at our booth the fair’s international focus became apparent. It was a pleasure to welcome numerous prospective partners or clients from all over the world and to convince them by our ultrasound technology.

Ultrawaves won a tender in Romania

Effective: Aug 06, 2013

Congratulations to our Romanian partner KEMATRONIC SRL who recently won the tender for Danutoni WWTP

Paper: Ultrasound Technology For Efficient Wastewater Treatment

Effective: Oct 25, 2014
Artikel: Ultrasound Technology For Efficient Wastewater Treatment

Ultrawaves project leader for Engineering & Business Development Gunnar Klingspor describes the process of Wastewater treatment by Ultrawaves in the article on "Ultrasound Technology For Efficient Wastewater Treatment".

AquaEnviro is offering two selected publications from Ultrawaves as free downloads

Effective: Jul 28, 2015
AquaEnviro verbreitet zwei ausgewählte Publikationen von ULTRAWAVES weiter

The specialist environmental consultancy, conference organiser and training provider AquaEnviro has selected the most relevant papers from the EWWM and European Biosolids conferences and included them into their website as free downloads. Among the top industry experts those articles from Luis Vergara from Ultrawaves Reactors Ltd. have been selected by AquaEnviro.

Ultrawaves at the Startup Dock of the Technical University of Hamburg

Effective: Jul 10, 2015
ULTRAWAVES auf dem Startup Dock der TUHH

At the platform of the Startup Dock of the Technical University of Hamburg, Ultrawaves is presented as a successful example of startups that were founded out of the milieu of Hamburg's universities.