An overview of the latest news and successes of, and relating to, ULTRAWAVES is provided in the News category.

BIOSONATOR at FBP Ense - new case study

Effective: Dec 12, 2016
BIOSONATOR at FBP Ense - new case study

In December 2015, one of our BIOSONATORS was installed on the Ense biogas plant on the edge of the Sauerland. After one year of operation we are now drawing a balance.

Ultrawaves with new partner in Korea

Effective: Nov 27, 2016
Ultrawaves with new partner in Korea

Ultrawaves is proud to announce to have found a new partner for the sewage sludge market in Korea, the company Sunil Group.

Ultrawaves awarded at Clean Energy Awards 2016

Effective: Nov 27, 2016
Ultrawaves awarded at Clean Energy Awards 2016

Ultrawaves is proud to announce that we have been awarded "Best Environmental Engineering Technology Provider - Germany & Best Water Engineering Product: ULTRAWAVES HPUS Technology" by the judges at the Cleanenergy-News Clean Energy Awards 2016.

Dr Klaus Nickel as guest lecturer at ReMaT

Effective: Sep 25, 2016

At the Research Management Training (ReMaT) Workshop for doctoral students, on Tuesday 20 September at 2 pm, Ultrawaves' CEO Klaus Nickel will share insights from his own career to motivate the international graduating students to reflect on their own career plans.

Image film of the Eichsfeldwerke - Ultrawaves' technology in use

Effective: Sep 25, 2016

n many different areas of life the Eichsfeldwerke as an everyday-motor (a driving force) of a whole region are using future-oriented technologies - like the highly efficient processes for the disintegration with ultrasound from ULTRAWAVES.

Ultrawaves at the IFAT 2016

Effective: Aug 05, 2016
Ultrawaves at the IFAT 2016

Visit our environmental technologies and solutions at the ULTRAWAVES booth at the IFAT 2016, the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management.

New partner for Ultrawaves in Israel

Effective: Jul 14, 2016
New partner for Ultrawaves in Israel

Ultrawaves is proud to have found a new partner for sewage sludge and biogas applications in Israel, namely Yoav Yinon Management Engineering Ldt.

Our CEO Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nickel has given a presentation at the 10th bioenergy-seminar in Hohen Luckow tracked by many interested people.

Effective: Apr 07, 2016
Gut besuchter Vortrag von Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nickel beim 10. Hohen Luckower Bioenergie-Seminar

Our CEO Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nickel has given a presentation on April, 7th about the “Application of high-power ultrasound technology for increased biogas production and reduced greenhouse gas emissions on farmland biogas plants” at IBZ Hohen Luckow of Rostock University.

Successful installation of our BIOSONATOR at Farmland Biogas Plant Haren, Gemany

Effective: Apr 08, 2016
Erfolgreiche Installation eines BIOSONATORS auf der Biogasanlage Haren im Emsland

New case study! In July 2015, one of our BIOSONATORS was installed at Farmland Biogas Plant Haren, Germany. After a period of six months we are now able to draw a balance.

Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nickel as a visiting lecturer at the School of Civil Engineering of Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu (China)

Effective: Dec 14, 2015
Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nickel als Gastdozent in China

Our CEO Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nickel will hold a presentation at December 10th 2015 at the School of Civil Engineering of Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu (China) a presentation with the title "Biological treatment of sewage sludge in high-rate digesters".

Review Stjernholm Dagene 2015: ULTRAWAVES with two presentations in Denmark

Effective: Sep 07, 2015
Rückblick Stjernholm Dagene 2015: ULTRAWAVES mit zwei Vorträgen in Dänemark

From September 1st till 3rd 2015 we held two presentations about the applications of our ULTRAWAVES high-power ultrasound technology on wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) and farmland biogas plants (FBP) during the Stjernholm Dagene and the Opicon Dagen in Ringkøbing (Denmark).

Ultrawaves presented the High-Power Ultrasound System at the Agritechnica 2015

Effective: Nov 19, 2015
ULTRAWAVES präsentierte Hochleistungs-Ultraschall-System auf der Agritechnica 2015

The amendment of the renewable-energy-law and other factors force more and more operator of biogas plants to increase the efficiency of their systems. The optimized substrate disintegration gets more relevant since it is important for the economic success. For the breakdown of suspensions which are fuzzy and harsh and difficult to digest, ULTRAWAVES presented at the trade fair Agritechnica in Hannover an innovative solution called BIOSONATOR. “Based on experience the farmers and other operators can reduce their operating costs with the BIOSONATOR about 10 to 15 percent“, explains Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nickel, CEO of ULTRAWAVES.

Ultrawaves' ultrasound reactor at the WWTP Leinetal

Effective: Jun 15, 2015

After a successful test period of several months, Ultrawaves' ultrasound system will be installed permanently at the wastewater treatment plant Leinetal.

Article in "Die Welt"

Effective: May 08, 2006
Artikel: Erfolgsgeschichte mit Ultraschall-Technik

Recently, an article was published in "Die Welt" about the ultrasound technology from Ultrawaves named "track record with ultrasound technics"

New Laboratory

Effective: Jun 01, 2006

Since May, 2006 Ultrawaves runs a new laboratory. It is a state of the art facility and is equipped with a brand new ultrasound test plant produced by our partner Sonotronic GmbH.

Ultrawaves was awarded with the Innovation Award 2006

Effective: Dec 01, 2006
Ultrawaves wurde mit dem Innovationspreis 2006 ausgezeichnet

The Initiative Small & Medium Businesses together with the "Huber Publishing for new Media" congratulate the company Ultrawaves Wasser- & Umwelttechnologien GmbH for the award in the category "Environmental Techniques"

Woche der Umwelt convinces as exhibition

Effective: Jun 30, 2007
Woche der Umwelt überzeugt als Leistungsschau

Federal President Köhler checks the balance for "Woche der Umwelt" – almost 12,000 visitors in the castle courtyard.

Environmental week 2007

Effective: Jun 05, 2007
Woche der Umwelt 2007

The federal president of Germany , Horst Köhler, invited Ultrawaves, as a company possessing innovative environmental technology, to take part in the “Woche de Umwelt” in the courtyard of Bellevue Castle in Berlin.

Environmental prize 2007

Effective: Oct 02, 2007
Umweltpreis 2007

On Tuesday, October 2, 2007 Ultrawaves successfully took part in the symposium “Young Companies Promote Sustainability” in Bottrop. Ultrawaves was among those distinguished when The Foundation for Work and the Environment IG Mining, Chemistry, and Energy were awarded its Environmental Prizes 2007.

Innovation Prize 2007 for the environmental technology from Ultrawaves

Effective: Nov 27, 2007
Innovationspreis 2007 für die Umwelttechnik von Ultrawaves

The Ultrasound reactor developed by Ultrawaves and the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg was awarded the Baden-Württemberg Innovation Prize.