ULTRAWAVES accompanies you from the initial idea through to operation of your ultrasound system. With our experience, our expertise and our efficient team, at Ultrawaves you are in the best hands when it comes to the use of innovative ultrasound technology in environmental engineering.

Research & Development

ULTRAWAVES pursues continuous practice-orientated research and development at our Hamburg laboratory in order to further improve our ultrasound technology and systems, and to find optimum solutions for our customers.


We discuss your project requirements and analyse your individual needs in consultancy meetings. This work is focused on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your plant. We exhaust all options to find optimum and flexible solutions for your application.

Laboratory Tests

At the Hamburg location, ULTRAWAVES has set up its own laboratory to satisfy specific requirements of its customers. As a result, we are able to provide you with reliable information on the effect of our high-power ultrasound systems on aqueous suspensions (e.g. biomass, sludge) or other feasible applications in industry.


To ensure that you also feel well cared for in case of a repair or technical query, we provide a continuously available service in order to guarantee smooth operation.
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