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Biogas from straw: treatment by ultrasonic

At the symposium "biogas from straw" in Heiden (Germany) at the end of August, the main focus was on how expensive substrates, for example Corn and cereals can be replaced by low-cost residues such as cereal straw, corn straw and also cattle and horse manure. In this context, we have informed about our digestion process with high-power ultrasonic.

Around 120 participants, including biogas operators and representatives of science, participated in the event series. The scientific presentations have shown that between 3 and 11 million tons of straw are available in Germany. "The actual delivery amount depends on the conditions which farmers receive," said Cord-Christian Gaus of the federal educational institution Burg Warberg. But how can the alternative, difficult to ferment substrates, be opened up and thus lead to economic success? One answer to this is the energy-efficient, highly effective digestion of the substrate by our high-performance ultrasonic. "In order to achieve a digestion of the biomass by ultrasonic, a hard cavitation is required. This can only be achieved through the use of oscillating structures which, at high amplitudes (about 20 μm), dip directly into the substrate to be sonicated "explains Georg Schätzl during his presentation. The forces generated are capable of destroying any rugged surface. Our presentation was well received by the audience and our congress booth was heavily frequented. The performance in Heiden was very worthwhile.

Vortrag Biogas aus Stroh