ULTRAWAVES High-Power Ultrasound Technology

The standard ULTRAWAVES ultrasound system is equipped with five oscillating units, consisting of a converter, booster and sonotrode. The number of oscillating units can be variably selected depending on the volumetric flow to be treated. Furthermore, it is possible to extend the number of ultrasound modular systems used as required and therefore adapt to any plant size.

The ultrasound components

Each oscillating unit is operated with a nominal power of 1 kW. However, in practice this power is not permanently called upon. The extremely robust units usually run continuously (24/7). They are low maintenance; only the sonotrodes, which come into direct contact with the sonicated medium, are wearing parts and can be easily replaced.

How it works

Extensive empirical studies have led to the development of a patented high-power ultrasound system, which is optimally tuned to the disintegration of biomass. Our ultrasound reactors operate as a plug flow system. Ultrasound within the lower frequency range (20 and 35 kHz) and high intensity is applied. Our ultrasound systems can be used for volumetric flow rates of up to 2 m3/h, which means that the resulting sonication time for the medium is very short viz. only one minute. It is not necessary to recirculate the medium. The flow rate can even be higher for less concentrated suspensions.