ULTRAWAVES High-Power Ultrasound Systems

The patented ULTRAWAVES high-power ultrasound systems have a compact design and they increase efficiency in the production of environmentally friendly energy. Therefore, they can be easily and simply integrated into existing plants.

New design with variable number of modules

High-power ultrasound system – new designIn the new high-power ultrasound system, the biomass strikes the front of the sonotrodes from left to right and is guided past them in loops. On the one hand, this prevents deposits within the individual chambers. On the other hand, the vibrating structures can work more efficiently and need less maintenance because the biomass does not adhere to the sonotrode tips. Thanks to the modular design, the new high-power ultrasound system can be flexibly adapted to the size of the system. As a rule, it consists of three to five consecutively arranged modules - depending on the volume flow that is to be treated.

As the medium itself only dwells in the ultrasound system for a short time, the unit has a very compact size. It can be easily integrated into existing plants via an inlet and outlet pipe, without any complications (plug & play).

More output due to hard cavitatio

However, nothing has changed in the process itself: for all ultrasound disintegration systems available on the market, only the ULTRAWAVES high-performance ultrasound systems are able to generate a hard cavitation. This means that the biomass is directly sonicated - in contrast to competing systems that vibrate the exterior of the container, similar to an ultrasonic cleaning bath. The biomass is first in their Agglomerates split and then digested into other, smaller structures. These are later better bioavailable, which results in higher output. What nature, for example, usually requires 30 to 40 days on biogas plants, the high-power ultrasound system creates in just a few seconds.

Technical data

Dimensions (L*W*H) [mm] 1.330 * 750 * 1.500
Weight [kg] 120
Volume [m³] 0.030
Connected load [kW] 5
Material V2A steel

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