As an environmentally friendly technology, ultrasound enables you to increase efficiency or reduce costs in many processes in wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants or in industry.

Ultrasonic Disintegration

Thanks to the high-power ultrasound technology by ULTRAWAVES, it is possible to effect the disintegration of the biomass as a result of cavitation, the forces of which are capable of destroying every robust surface.

ULTRAWAVES High-Power Ultrasound Technology

The standard ULTRAWAVES ultrasound system is equipped with five oscillating units, consisting of a converter, booster and sonotrode. The number of oscillating units can be variably selected depending on the volumetric flow to be treated. Furthermore, it is possible to extend the number of ultrasound modular systems used as required and therefore adapt to any plant size.

ULTRAWAVES High-Power Ultrasound Systems

The patented ULTRAWAVES high-power ultrasound systems have a compact design and they increase efficiency in the production of environmentally friendly energy. Therefore, they can be easily and simply integrated into existing plants.