SONOELCHEMCELL project: First groundbreaking results

Our partner from Romania, the company S.C. KEMATRONIC S.R.L. gained first groundbreaking results from their project SONOELCHEMCELL financed within EU Horizon 2020 Programme (NEPTUNE Blue Growth Accelerator). KEMATRONIC combines our ULTRAWAVES high-power ultrasound disintegration technology with electrokinetic technology, advanced oxidation technology (AOP, based on the production of free radicals (OH, atomic oxygen)) and compressed air micro-bubbles and treats wastewater at Targu Secuiesc municipal wastewater treatment plant.
SONOELCHEMCELL-Projekt: Erste wegweisende Ergebnisse

Ultrasonic cavitation phenomenon

This combined module has dramatic effects on wastewater treatment, due to their synergic action, resulting in an advanced oxidation technology, without biological treatment, to break down the organic load (COD) and persistent micro-pollutants in wastewater with lower capital and OPEX costs, no sludge production, less environmental impact than conventional technologies.


Effective: Oct 08, 2018