Biogas Plants

ULTRAWAVES‘ ultrasound systems are used in agricultural biogas plants to intensify anaerobic biological degradation of all kinds of added biomass materials, such as, renewable raw materials, maize, green waste, slurry, etc. This results in a wide range of applications for ultrasound technology. Ultrasound usually either enables an increase in biogas production with unchanged substrate supply or saves biomass added without losses in biogas production.


The production of biogas as a renewable energy source is currently very important, which is why the number of agricultural biogas plants with fermentation of organic substrates (renewable raw materials, slurry, etc.) is steadily increasing. Although fermenters in agricultural biogas plants are dimensioned with longer retention times, the speed-determining hydrolysis step also has to be overcome here. Sonication of the active bacterial biomass from the fermenter or secondary fermenter with ultrasound has proven to be an effective solution. The result is intensified anaerobic degradation with increased biogas production and in general higher methane content.


With integrated high-power ultrasound technology of the recent generation, the BIOSONATOR compact is an efficient and compact complete system for disintegrating biomass on biogas plants – even with difficult substrates.


The BIOSONATOR is a complete system using high- performance ultrasound for increasing efficiency and energy generation in biogas plants. It was developed in 2011 within the scope of a ZIM (Central innovation program for small and medium–sized businesses) project. In the meantime, more than 100 plants, both at home and abroad, have been successfully equipped.


Over the years, our ULTRAWAVES high- performance ultrasound systems have been installed in many biogas and waste fermentation plants nationally and internationally in order to promote the intensification of the anaerobic biomass fermentation.
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