With integrated high-power ultrasound technology of the recent generation, the BIOSONATOR compact is an efficient and compact complete system for disintegrating biomass on biogas plants – even with difficult substrates.

We have made our high-power ultrasound technology even better and can now provide our customers a more efficient device: the BIOSONATOR compact. The BIOSONATOR compact is our new complete system consisting of a modular high-power ultrasound system, upstream a macerator and an eccentric screw pump as well as an intelligent control and automation technology with remote maintenance. As a plug and play system, the BIOSONATOR compact can be quickly and easily integrated into existing biogas plants.

Which biogas plants are suitable?

  • Biogas plants from 300 kW
    With the new development of the BIOSONATOR compact, we have succeeded in reducing investment costs by 25–30%. The BIOSONATOR compact is thus also economically interesting for small biogas plants from 300 kW upwards. The amortisation period is approx. 3–4 years.
  • Nawaro plants – also for alternative fibrous substrates
    The technology is particularly suitable for biogas plants in which hard-to-digest, fibrous, and rough substrates (e.g. grass and manure) are fed. This makes them independent of easily fermentable substrates (e.g. maize).
  • Co-digestion plants
    In co-digestion plants, there is also a high potential for increased plant efficiency.
  • Plants with dry matter up to 15%
    Hard cavitation is possible for the digestion of organic substances which are difficult to degrade and have a dry matter content of maximum 15%.
  • Mesophilically or thermophilically driven plants
    No matter whether a biogas plant is operated mesophilically (37–42°C) or thermophilically (50–57°C), in both cases our high-power ultrasound technology can be used successfully.
  • Plants that shift to alternative substrates
    By replacing expensive substrates, more favourable substrates or residues from agriculture treated with ultrasound, the substrate costs of the biogas plant can be significantly reduced.

Increased plant efficiency with effective ultrasound

In practice, it has proven useful to take a partial stream from the secondary fermenter, to sonicate this and return it to the fermenter or several fermenters. Other installation methods are possible and can be designed individually for each biogas plant.

Possible integration of the BIOSONATOR compact into biogas plants

A container solution was developed as a plug and play solution for the turnkey construction. In house (e.g. if there is sufficient place in the pump room), the system technology is mounted on a frame construction.

Ultrawaves guarantees at least 10% increased economic benefits and guides the customers from the beginning to success! You can count on over 15 years of practical experience and over 200 successfully completed projects worldwide as well as a serious technology that is continuously being further developed.

What do our customers say?

  • “The substrate now comes out of the secondary fermenter like liquid water.” 
    Hartwig Koop, Koop Biogas PlanTt(Haren, Germany) July 2015
  • “With the Biosonator, we have increased electricity generation in our biogas plant by 10% for the same amount of substrate”.
    Hans-Joachim Deter, Wulkow Biogas Plant  (Neuruppin, Germany), 2017